More celebrities come out versus Brunei-based businesswoman

PLUS: Showing Kiefer Ravena how to go all natural

This issue is not ending anytime soon. Tomorrow, the infamous businesswoman Kathelyn Dupaya who was once very close to celebrities by way of treating them to lavish vacations and expensive gifts is heading to her hometown in Jolo, Sulu to file for libel complaints against former friends Sunshine Cruz, Ynez Veneracion, Diane Medina and celebrity businessman Joel Cruz.

Sunshine Cruz (second from left) and daughters FACEBOOK PHOTO

Dupaya was accused of estafa the week before after she did not get to pay more than 40 million pesos to the mentioned celebrities who invested in her businesses.

She insists that she is a veteran businesswoman and is just short of cash at the moment but the celebrities say that it has been almost two years since she actually paid any interest to them.

Dupaya broke down last week because she said that what hurts her the most is how she treated Sunshine more than family, saying she even financed Sunshine’s trip to Europe, Singapore, USA and a couple in Brunei.

“Ang pinakamasakit ay si Sunshine. Araw-araw magkasama kami, araw-araw magka-text. Natutulog mga anak ko sa kanya at natutulog mga anak niya sa amin tapos gagan­yanin niya ako,” she said ruefully.

In The Know got a message from Sunshine and she explained her side specially that she exhausted all efforts before it had to result to this.

“I tried to talk to her about this matter for months privately but it did not work. That’s why I coursed it through my lawyers na lang. She was a friend and I trusted her. I got into business with her, invested money for less than two years only for additional income especially that I am a single mom. I’ve been wanting to get my principal money back but she couldn’t deliver. Like what she said in her interview, let the court come up with a judgement na lang. Thanks.”

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Filipina Canadian body builder and beauty queen Mitch Byrne is in Manila and she is on a hunt for the next World Natural Body Builder. It’s a competition she founded not so long ago where she encourages athletes to compete the natural way without any supplements, because it can be done.

Kiefer Ravena

“In my training you have to eat on time, drink a decent amount of water and train hard and you’ll get there. Napansin ko kasi sa mga athletes ngayon even before, they like short cut, eh. Umaasa sila sa something kadalasan at yun ang gusto ko sana ibahin,” Mitch shared to In The Know.

Mitch hopes that through this competition she could shed a light to all Pinoy athletes across all sports that supplements will be harmful in the long run.

“The athlete should listen to their body, go natural, because hindi mo alam ang mangyayari sa iyo in the long run. Puwede kayo magkasakit and it could also lead to complications and a heart attack or high blood pressure due to things that you will take that is foreign to your body.”

Filipina-Canadian bodybuilder Mitch Byrne

The World Natural Body Building competition is happening on June 9 in Johnny B. Good Glorietta 3 Mall Makati. And Mitch wishes to invite controversial athlete of the moment Kiefer Ravena, who has recently been caught in an issue where he got suspended in all FIBA events, including the PBA, in the next 18 months for testing positive for three banned substances found in an energy drink.

“It would be very nice for him to come and shed light on the way the athletes who are competing are doing their sport au naturale,” she said.

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