Mike vs Atom

atom and mike

By Ronald Constantino

‘TARAYAN’ – A colleague who refuses to be identified called the Mike de Leon-Atom Araullo word war on social media “tarayan.” Mike said that his “Citizen Jake” star is really more of “closet movie star” than genuine journalist, which his role called for. Atom in turn described the director as “deeply troubled,” needing “help, patience, and understanding.”

There were more hurtful words exchanged between director and actor, but no need to repeat them here. But to be fair, Mike conceded that Atom has a hand in the making of “Citizen Jake’s” story. And Atom recognized Mike’s immense contribution to Philippine cinema and hoped he’d continue making films. That “Citizen Jake” wouldn’t be his last masterpiece.

So there. It isn’t really “tarayan” but more of honest differences in artistic and cinematic endeavors.

MORE OF – Atom Araullo is really more of investigative TV host than movie actor. He said so in the first place. And so Atom should, perhaps, forget acting and concentrate on what he does best.

There are more mountains to climb and oceans to explore and social ills to expose…as he did in his GMA shows. Atom is no armchair TV host but goes to where the action is…no matter how tough and challenging.

Heard that GMA plans to give him a regular program. Most welcome.

CARRY ON – Yes, Mike de Leon should carry on with his directorial career. There are more subjects to tackle on the big screen. Perhaps, he could revive plans to do the life and times of his grandmother, Doña Sisang (de Leon), one of the founders of LVN.

Vilma Santos said that Mike offered her the role, which she couldn’t accept. At that time she was the newly elected congresswoman of Lipa City and she felt she had to devote her time on lawmaking. Is Ate Vi now ready to work again with Mike, who earlier directed her in “Sister Stella L”?

Of course, it isn’t easy to work with a master director, a genius. Mike has his tantrums and moods. He’s hard to understand, but not really impossible. Look, Mike directed some of the gems of Philippine cinema. Highspeed will dwell on them tomorrow.