Duterte on kissing women: ‘It’s my style’

PRESIDENT Rodrigo Duterte late Tuesday night reiterated that there was no malice in his controversial kiss with a married Overseas Filipina Worker, saying it is his style even before he sat down as the country’s leader.

The incident happened Duterte’s meeting with the Filipino community in Seoul on Sunday when he asked a woman from the audience, Bea Kim, to come up onstage to receive a copy of the book “Altar of Secrets” in exchange for a kiss.

Duterte even asked Kim if she was married to which she said yes.

Speaking to reporters at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 2 in Manila upon his return from his three-day trip to South Korea on Tuesday night, Duterte said “everybody enjoyed” the kiss he shared with Kim.

Duterte added that during the campaign period and his time as Davao City mayor, he “kissed every woman there.”

“I tell you what, there are people here in Davao during the campaign and my mayorship days. I kissed every woman there, lips-to-lips. Believe me,” Duterte said.

“We did not just smack, some women even wanted romance. That is my style, you [critics]should find other styles for you,” Duterte said.

Duterte also defended his act, saying that there was nothing wrong with a simple kiss and it should not have been a big deal.

Duterte said his critics were just “envious” and called them to “replace their dentures” because of “bad breath.”

The “kiss” at the Convention Hall of the Grand Hilton Hotel and Convention Center in South Korea stirred controversy yet again for Duterte as Malacanang scrambled to defend him and downplay the incident.

“Do not take [the kiss]seriously. It is just for fun, a gimmick,” Duterte said who spoke for the first time about the incident.

Kim, in a video uploaded by the Philippine News Agency on Monday afternoon, said there was no malice in the kiss.

“Nothing, no malice in the kiss. The President said, he asked me, if I am single or married. I told him I am married to a Korean and we have two kids. Then that happened,” Kim said.

“We only did the kiss so the audience will feel giddy. It has no meaning, I promise. For me, for the President, there is no meaning,” Kim added.

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