Boyet Fajardo back on track


Everything’s coming up roses for popular fashion designer Boyet Fajardo.

Fajardo has found peace and joy with the grave slander case filed against him in 2009 finally being dismissed last January 19. This has allowed him to move forward in his life and career after almost a decade.

boyet fajardo

It was nine years ago that Fajardo was embroiled in a scandal when he was caught on camera berating two employees of Duty Free Fiesta Mall. Two cases were filed in court against him at the time. However, one was soon dropped after the complainant agreed it was only a misunderstanding.

The other complainant, Susan Gonzales, represented by Atty. Sigfrid Fortun, of Fortun & Santos Law Offices, pursued her case until the court decided to dismiss it in Fajardo’s favor last January 19.

The scandal greatly affected Fajardo’s work with many malls pulling out his brands from their shelves due to public backlash, causing the designer to almost file for bankruptcy.

Atty. Renato C. Pineda, of APPA Law Office, representing Fajardo, said: “It was an unfortunate incident. The punishment – the public backlash, the disparaging of his company and career – was too harsh for a little case of misunderstanding that could have been better resolved outside of court.”

In any case, Fajardo is relieved it is now over and done with.

“I’ve come out from this trial stronger and with more humility. I thank Atty. Pineda for his unwavering support and bringing me justice. Now, I feel free and more driven and inspired to continue my work,” said Fajardo, who has now become an advocate for people with disabilities.

Fajardo now continues doing what he does best – dressing up some of the country’s more popular citizens including Dan Fernandez, Jestoni Alarcon, Martin Andanar, Winnie Monsod, Ali Sotto, and Mel Tiangco, among others.

“I’m mostly noted with my work with broadcasters because they are often seen on television,’’ said Fajardo.

Despite his achievements, Fajardo never stopped learning new techniques. “I can say I already belong to the league of #beentherethanthat. But honestly I’m still in the process of learning new techniques to update knowledge and never give up in any situation no matter what.”

Fajardo’s advise to aspiring fashion designers? “Put God first and seek His Kingdom and righteousness and everything shall be added unto you. Then focus and learn to differentiate your works from the rest, proper motivation without getting involve into competition but rather to inspire colleague and enhance your talent to achieve greater recognition not only from your customers but from GOD as well. Be kind and love your profession and your career will be much kinder to you.”