EAC Houses ITI’s International Peace Launch

By Aljomar P. Ibasco

The International Theater Institute (ITI), a global organization for the performing arts, together with the Emilian Community, inaugurated their global peace movement on May 20th and 22nd at the EAC Tanghalang Yaman Lahi Theater.

Cultural acts from various artists from China, Korea, Japan, Vietnam, and Philippines graced the launching of ITI’s peace movement entitled Not by Force but by Art: Art Speaks for Peace. Joining the festivities were United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Artists for Peace Opera Singer Sumi Jo from Korea and Earthsavers Handicappable Artists, a socially integrated group that is composed of persons with disability (PWD) and other performing groups from the Philippines

The event also featured works of the multi-awarded sculptor and painter, Nemi R. Miranda, Jr., who has recently celebrated his 50th year as a full-time artist with a painting exhibition entitled Marawi in the Eyes of an Artist.

EAC President Dr. Jose Paulo E. Campos stressed in his remarks the ‘power of human imagination’ in linking the artist community and countries with existing conflict through art.

“It opens new possibilities towards peace- a new avenue to achieve peace through international collaboration of communities and artists”

The International Theatre Institute, as stated in their mission, is a UNESCO founded organization that aims to bridge culture through art, as well as advance UNESCO’s goals of mutual understanding and peace while advocating the protection and promotion of cultural expression, regardless of age, gender, creed, or ethnicity.

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