More illegal drugs smuggled into PH via courier service in 2018 — PDEA

Credit to Author: ROY NARRA| Date: Tue, 15 Jan 2019 04:19:56 +0000

THE number of illegal drugs being delivered via courier service saw a 775 percent increase this year, according to a report from the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency that eas released on Tuesday.

PDEA recorded 35 incidents of foreign express delivery and domestic courier services as a mode of smuggling dangerous drugs into the Philippines in 2018, much higher than the four recorded in 2017.

PDEA Director General Aaron Aquino said 27 were intercepted packages containing illegal drugs from Californa in the United States.

From the 35 incidents of drug smuggling, PDEA seized a total of 94.67 kilos of shabu, 16,713 pieces of ecstasy tablets, and 1,109.5 grams or marijuana kush and hybrid marijuana with an estimated market value of P672,161,877.88.

Aquino said to cope with the rise in drug smuggling via courier service, PDEA enhanced its detection capabilities by having anti-narcotics agents do K9 sweeping and parcel screening on all cargo terminals.

He also said PDEA established three Airport Interdiction Units, three International Airport Inter-Agency Drug Interdiction Task Groups, and 12 Seaport Interdiction Units in their regional offices.

PDEA has confiscated P966,257,517.88 worth of illegal drugs concealed inside packages.

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