President greets Arroyo, thanks her for support

Credit to Author: lalos| Date: Fri, 05 Apr 2019 23:16:39 +0000

Months away from retirement, Speaker Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo on Friday waxed philosophical about her legacy as a former president, priding herself on having brought fiscal stability to the country in a time of crisis.

In a speech delivered at a church in her Lubao, Pampanga, hometown to celebrate her 72nd birthday, she thanked all the people who had stuck with her throughout her political career.

President’s wishes

President Duterte on Friday greeted Arroyo a “happy birthday” in a prerecorded video message posted on Facebook and thanked her for her wholehearted support for his administration.


“Thank you very much for your support from then ‘til now,” adding that he “will always pray for (her) good health and continued success.”

Arroyo’s nine-year presidency began in 2001 when she was catapulted to the highest post in the land after then President Joseph Estrada was ousted in a peaceful Edsa uprising.


“I like to think that my legacy will center around restoring our country’s fiscal stability after the storms of financial crisis here and abroad,” she said in her speech, a transcript of which was sent by her staff to House reporters.

“The restoration of fiscal stability was the platform for my program that built more and better infrastructures, and that reduced our poverty from 39 percent when I assumed the presidency to 26 percent when I left the presidency,” said Arroyo, whose term  ends on June 30.

She said she would like to be remembered as the President who stabilized the government.

When asked about her birthday wish, she answered: “The good of the Filipino people always.”