In the News: Breast cancer awareness; drink in the art of tea

Credit to Author: Mary Beth Roberts| Date: Sat, 12 Oct 2019 13:18:32 +0000

As the first act in his year-long stint at Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden, artist-in-residence Lam Wong is mounting the exhibition Chaji until January 10, 2020. It explores the philosophy around tea and all the feelings it can evoke, from wistful sadness about impermanence to the subtle joy found in solitude and transient beauty.

Wong, a visual artist, designer and curator whose family has grown tea for generations, has centred his entire residency around tea and the many ways it has diffused through art. For the first exhibit, he wanted to create a conversation around tea and respect. He incorporated the work of other artists who have been inspired by tea or eastern philosophies such as Buddhism. They include his own father, master Chinese calligrapher Don Wong, whose work has been exhibited around East Asia.

Multidisciplinary artist Arthur Cheng’s work is also on display. His portfolio includes bronze and marble sculptures, garden and park designs, and large-scale murals executed in various locations, including Vancouver’s Chinatown and Chemainus. Works by photographer Chick Rice and visual artist Bryan Mulvihill are also incorporated into the exhibit, as is the music of avant-garde composer John Cage.

These bulbs cast a bright light on cancer.

It’s become more and more common for landmark buildings to light up in specific colours for specific occasions—think the Empire State Building turning green for St. Patrick’s Day or BC Place decked out in rainbow colours for Pride—but now a Port Coquitlam company says it’s an idea that people can literally bring home. has launched a line of pink patio lightbulbs. The 3.6-inch (nine-centimetre) rounded bulbs are compatible with standard light fixtures, and the idea is to swap out the usual white bulbs in October in honour of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Or, if people like the gentle glow it casts over celebrations, they could leave them up year-round. The company says it’s a low-maintenance way to show your support for those battling breast cancer.

New products from Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day infuse your home with festive aromas.

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day—which has a wide range of home care, laundry and personal care products—says it’s not too early to get into the holiday spirit. When preparing for Thanksgiving or Christmas, consumers can now get into the scents of the season with a limited-time release of dish soap, hand soap and multi-surface cleaner. The holiday range of scents includes mums, apple cider, orange clove, peppermint and pine. Just like the products available all year round, they are formulated whenever possible with sustainable, plant-based ingredients, and are designed to be biodegradable. They do not contain chlorine bleach, ammonia, parabens, phosphates or phthalates. The limited-edition holiday-scented products are available from now until January.