WWE Super ShowDown live results: The Undertaker returns

Super ShowDown 2020 is the WWE’s fifth major show in Saudi Arabia as part of a 10-year agreement with the Saudi General Sports Authority. The show is headlined by a Universal championship match as Goldberg challenges “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt to headline the 10-match card. There are two other title matches of note, as Brock Lesnar defends the WWE championship against Ricochet, and Bayley puts her SmackDown women’s championship on the line against Naomi in the first ever WWE women’s title match ever in Saudi Arabia.

Follow along live as Tim Fiorvanti and Matt Wilansky break it all down, as it happens.

Match in progress

Unlike the SmackDown tag team championship match, this one never seemed like the result would be in doubt, even if Rollins and Murphy were pushed by their talented opponents.

Rollins’ work as a heel has been a revelation and a revelation, as his disingenuous sermons have given fans a new level of contempt for him. Before the match, Rollins spoke of the lack of moral compass in their opponents and that he’d have to correct it.

While that wasn’t the case, Rollins and Murphy did show the Street Profits they’re not ready for gold — not yet anyway. Still, there was excitement as Angelo Dawkins crushed on Murphy with a spear. For a few moments anyway, the the challengers were on fire.

Eventually, the action slowed, when Murphy found an opening and sent Montez Ford into the Arabic announcers’ commentary table. The tide changed again when Dawkins received the hot tag, hitting his foes with a drop kick and a series of suplexes. A few minutes later, Ford went skyward, landing a splash on Murphy. Then the challengers double-DDT’d the champs, starting a string of crafty offensive moves.

As has been his MO of late, though, when the referee’s back was turned, Rollins struck Dawkins with a curb stomp while he was draped over the bottom rope and Murphy was there to capitalize for the three-count.

WrestleMania ramifications: Don’t expect the Street Profits to find a straight rematch at the biggest event of the year. It’s possible they could be a part of a multiteam showdown, but more than likely, Rollins and Murphy will rekindle their rivalry with Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe (if and when he returns).

This all-family affair between cousins seemed destined for high-flying action, and even if the match didn’t quite live up to expectation, chemistry was not an issue in the latest iteration of this rivalry.

Carrillo struck first with a spinning leap from the top rope, then followed up with a perfectly timed suicide dive through the ropes that sent Garza into the first row.

Garza was able to slow down the action with a series of camel clutches. Later, Garza caught Carillo with a devastating drop kick as Carrillo leaped from the top rope. Garza continued to taunt his cousin while delivering more punishment, including an ear-popping superkick.

Just when it seemed the match pace would pick up, Garza reversed a sunset flip from Carrillo for a quick roll-up win. Just like that the match was over, to the surprise of most in the stadium.

WrestleMania ramifications: This rivalry will continue, but not in a one-on-one scenario like we saw Thursday. Expect these two, along with any part of a group that includes Ricochet, Rey Mysterio and perhaps even Rusev or Bobby Lashley to compete for Andrade’s United States championship.

The New Day dominated the action in the early going, with both The Miz and John Morrison taking their turn taking damage, but turned the action around with subterfuge. Big E absorbed the damage for a few minutes until he was finally able to fight off The Miz with a uranage in the corner. Kofi Kingston scored the first major high-flying effort of the contest with a springboard into a Frankensteiner Morrison clas

Big E and Kingston hit a combined double stomp and powerbomb, but Miz changed the momentum again by throwing Kingston into the barricade. Miz and Morrison set Big E up in the corner with a stomp/neckbreaker combo, but Big E moved out of the way as Morrison launched himself into Starship pain.

Big E made the tag, staggered Morrison, and then set themselves up to hit the Big Ending. Miz broke up the pinfall, though, and when Kingston went for his Trust Fall attack, it left Big E vulnerable for a Skull-Crushing Finale. It only got him a two-count. Big E wriggled out of harm’s way, but he had to tag in a damaged Kingston. As Kingston attempted a series of roll-up pins, he ended up near the ropes and vulnerable to a chair shot to the ribs from Morrison. That allowed Miz to roll up Kingston, and with a handful of tights, he managed a three-count.

The last time Miz and Morrison held tag team gold together was in April 2009, when they lost their belts in a tag team title unification match to The Colons at WrestleMania XXV.

WrestleMania ramifications: It seems likely that these two teams will clash again at WrestleMania, but over the last few weeks it appears that SmackDown has done a better job than Raw getting their tag team division in order. Don’t be surprised if The Usos and potentially even Heavy Machinery enter the WrestleMania fray for these titles before all is said and done.

The gauntlet match started off with Bobby Lashley and R-Truth, and predictably began with Lashley physically dominating the early action. Lashley was able to draw the ire of the Saudi crowd with ease throughout the match, while R-Truth spent the bulk of his offensive efforts emulating “his hero” John Cena. Truth pulled off what has to be considered a surprise by pinning Lashley in slapstick fashion. Lashley missed a spear, ran into the turnbuckle and tripped backwards over R-Truth while he was on his hands and knees. R-Truth paid for his good fortune with a post-match attack and a spear from Lashley.

Andrade took his time getting down to the ring, and then took his time breaking down R-Truth by focusing on Truth’s left arm. Andrade dominated the bulk of the action, but as Andrade went for a back elbow, he and Truth clashed heads, which allowed R-Truth another unlikely pinfall when he collapsed directly into a pinfall on the United States champion.

Erik Rowan was the fourth participant in the match, and though Rowan also established an early advantage, Truth showed up his high-flying skills with a plancha over the top rope. But once Rowan sent Truth into the steel stairs, Rowan’s caged creature went flying — sending him into a rage. Rowan picked up the steel steps and slammed them into Truth, triggering a disqualification, and then added a claw powerbomb for good measure.

AJ Styles walked into this scenario with a predictably cocky swagger, even going so far as to mock Truth’s dance moves and throw in a few of his own. After taking his time, Styles ultimately locked in a calf crusher and forced R-Truth to submit.

Rey Mysterio’s music hit, but Styles had a knowing smirk on his face. Mysterio’s music and video hit a second time, and still, there was no sign of the future Hall of Famer. The camera cut backstage, where Gallows and Anderson were attacking and incapacitating Mysterio. Styles got on the mic, asked the ref to raise his hand and asked for the bell to ring. As the ref started to count Mysterio out, the camera cut backstage once more, to Gallows and Anderson down on the ground as the familiar boots of The Undertaker walking past.

The gong rang out in the arena, the lights went out and The Undertaker slowly made his walk down to the ring. He chokeslammed Styles and pinned him to win the Tuwaiq Trophy — continuing the precedent set by Shane McMahon as an unscheduled participant walking into a Saudi show at the end to claim a trophy.

WrestleMania ramifications: For Styles and The Undertaker, it seems fairly obvious that they will meet in Tampa. As for the other participants in the match, Mysterio and Andrade could well meet in a four-way match with Angel Garza and Humberto Carrillo with the United States championship on the line. The paths of Rowan, R-Truth and Lashley are far less clear.

It was nice to see two tag teams that have been absorbed into other people’s stories get a chance for an extended showcase, albeit one where the stakes were low on the Super ShowDown Kickoff Show. They brought a lot of energy to the match, with each of the four men getting time in the spotlight, but the match ultimately rested on one big move. Ivar’s missed attempt at a top-rope moonsault fed directly into the Magic Killer, reinforcing Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson as the “best tag team in the world”, at least in this region.

As mentioned on the Super ShowDown broadcast, both of these teams had parallel careers and each won the IWGP heavyweight tag team titles (among many others) before joining the WWE. Each of these teams can be a pillar upon which a tag team division is built, but until the Raw tag team titles become a priority again (Murphy and Seth Rollins have defended them exactly once since winning them from Erik and Ivar more than a month ago), these teams will continue to be secondary acts.

WrestleMania ramifications: Unless tag team wrestling becomes a priority again in a hurry, there are three realistic possibilities for these teams at WrestleMania: The Viking Raiders will get their shot at Seth Rollins and Murphy — unlikely, as Rollins will probably have a spotlight match — while The OC either works as backup for AJ Styles or finds their way into a battle royal. They could both be in a multi-way tag title match. Or there might not be a Raw tag team championship match on the show at all.

Still to come:

(c) – indicates defending champion(s)

WWE championship: Brock Lesnar (c) vs. Ricochet

Universal championship: Bray Wyatt (c) vs. Goldberg

SmackDown women’s championship: Bayley (c) vs. Naomi

Steel cage: Roman Reigns vs, King Corbin