Most e-Mopeds In Bogota Could Be Rendered Illegal This Year

Credit to Author: Juan Diego Celemín Mojica| Date: Wed, 21 Jun 2023 17:20:04 +0000

Laws take time to catch up with technological changes. And, worse, lawmakers are usually abysmal at predicting technological innovation and, more importantly, how that innovation is going to affect society. An event related to this seems to be unfolding here in Bogota in real-time. Because the country wanted to be prepared, laws were put in place […]

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Riding Micromobility? You Have Rights, Too

Credit to Author: Jennifer Sensiba| Date: Tue, 20 Jun 2023 16:47:37 +0000

I recently came across a YouTube video that I think is worth sharing with all of the readers who ride e-bikes, electric scooters, and other electric micromobility options. As these modes of transportation become more popular than their purely muscle-powered predecessors, we’re going to see police try every dirty trick they can against us. Why? […]

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Agean Island Astypalea Is Electrifying — Nearly At 100% EV Sales, 80% Solar Electricity By 2026

Credit to Author: Zachary Shahan| Date: Fri, 16 Jun 2023 20:54:55 +0000

Astypalea, an island in the Agean Sea, is electrifying. Almost 100% of new car sales are now electric car sales. Additionally, 25% of the islanders now use the electric ridesharing service ASTYBUS, which allows them to rent electric cars, electric scooters, and electric bikes. A solar power plant will provide 100% of the necessary electricity […]

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Are Fat-Tire E-Bikes Too Fat?

Credit to Author: Jennifer Sensiba| Date: Wed, 24 May 2023 19:35:44 +0000

Over the last three years, I’ve done a lot of e-bike reviews. While some of them have been really cool townie and street bikes, most of them have followed a very popular formula: a mountain bike with front suspension, loads of battery capacity, and 4″ tires. But, not long ago, Snapcycle sent me something a […]

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Snapcycle Eagle (Dual Suspension Folding Fat Tire E-Bike) Review

Credit to Author: Jennifer Sensiba| Date: Tue, 23 May 2023 15:35:02 +0000

Snapcycle Eagle e-bikeA few weeks ago, Snapcycle sent me a pretty unique e-bike to test (full disclosure: the company let me keep it, and I gave it to my brother for further testing). Not only is it a folder, but it has a dual suspension system to handle everything from harsh terrain to urban curbs with ease. […]

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Himiway Expands Its Lineup With A Solid Electric Commuter Bike

Credit to Author: Jo Borrás| Date: Mon, 22 May 2023 15:00:46 +0000

Himiway has made a name for itself in recent years with a range of long-range, fat-tire electric mountain bikes (e-MTBs) that positively steamroll down the road. But it’s entering a new field in 2023, as Himiway has launched its first-ever “narrow” tire bike. Meet the 61 lb Rambler — a solid electric commuter bike option […]

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Twin Tjin Edition Super73 E-Bikes Land in Long Beach

Credit to Author: Jo Borrás| Date: Thu, 11 May 2023 16:55:11 +0000

Tjin Edition Super73 E-bikes arrive ahead of Electrify ShowoffWe’ve picked Super73 for the last few “best e-bikes” articles based largely on the levels of star power and “cool” that the brand brings to the e-bike scene — and these two latest custom Super73 builds are no exception. Meet the twins, built by award-winning designer Neil Tjin and ready just in time to show […]

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CleanTechnica Tested: The Ride1Up Revv1 Moped E-bike

Credit to Author: Kyle Field| Date: Sat, 29 Apr 2023 13:00:28 +0000

The Ride1Up Revv1 represents a sharp deviation from its formula to date for Ride1Up with a completely new build that’s *almost* a full-blown push into electric mopeds. Ride1Up admits as much in the description, calling it a “moped ebike”. Technically it’s an electric bike with pedals and the like, but is also packing moped-style tires, […]

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