Oil & Gas Leasing Is Off The Rails

Credit to Author: NRDC| Date: Mon, 12 Oct 2020 19:08:29 +0000

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began in early 2020, the Bureau of Land ManagementĀ has held 13 lease salesĀ for drillers looking to lock up cheap oil and gas rights at the expense of U.S. taxpayers, clean air, clean water, vital wildlife habitat, and pristine wildlands

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Fossil Industry Extracting From Another Source: Taxpayers

Credit to Author: NRDC| Date: Thu, 30 Apr 2020 03:30:03 +0000

Clouds of smoke and fire emerge during a controlled burn in an effort to clean up oil in the Gulf of Mexico following the Deepwater Horizon explosion. Justin Stumberg/U.S. NavyWith production slowing and a few fossil fuel projects on hold, industry is focusing on squeezing taxpayers for every dime they can

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Largest US Solar Power Plant Will Be Built On Public Land. Is That A Problem?

Credit to Author: Steve Hanley| Date: Wed, 08 Jan 2020 03:00:19 +0000

Gemini solar power plant NevadaThe largest solar power plant in the United States will be constructed on federal land northeast of Las Vegas, Nevada. The $1 billion project will include battery storage.

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