Canadian universities to return to in-person classes this fall

Credit to Author: Shelby Thevenot| Date: Sun, 14 Mar 2021 09:00:50 +0000

With promises that Canadians will be vaccinated by the end of September this year, post-secondary institutions are more confident that it will be safe to return to in-person classes for the fall semester. The return to in-person learning activities depends partially on the public health authority, as well as each institution’s administration. At this point, […]

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Why study in Canada?

Credit to Author: Michael Schwartz| Date: Sat, 27 Feb 2021 09:00:14 +0000

It should hardly come as a surprise that Canada ranks third in the world for numbers of international students, with our world-class educational system, friendly and welcoming culture, French and English learning options, and favourable living costs. In fact, many new Canadians start their path to citizenship through post-secondary education. What begins as a search […]

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Up to 52,000 people eligible for new 18-month Canadian work permit

Credit to Author: Kareem El-Assal| Date: Mon, 01 Feb 2021 09:00:39 +0000

The Canadian government has a new policy in place to help former international students who have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic while living in Canada. Since January 27, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has been accepting applications from Post-Graduate Work Permit (PGWP) holders who have seen their permits expire or their permits are about […]

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Canada now more popular than the U.S. as a study abroad destination

Credit to Author: Mohanad Moetaz| Date: Tue, 19 Jan 2021 10:01:58 +0000

Both Canada and the United Kingdom have overtaken the United States as the two most popular study abroad destinations. This is according to several surveys conducted by, to better understand opinions of students on international education. Students are not significantly more interested in studying in Canada nor the U.K. than they were before, rather it is the United States’ dramatic decrease in popularity […]

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International students driving enrolment growth in Canada

Credit to Author: Shelby Thevenot| Date: Mon, 07 Dec 2020 09:00:48 +0000

Before coronavirus forced learning online, international students were enrolling in post-secondaries in Canada at three times the rate of domestic students. A recent Statistics Canada report examines student enrolment pre-pandemic as a way to evaluate the coronavirus impact on students. Researchers used the 2018/2019 academic year as the benchmark to measure how enrolment and graduation […]

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Canada offers guide for international students arriving during coronavirus

Credit to Author: Shelby Thevenot| Date: Sun, 15 Nov 2020 09:00:18 +0000

The federal government has released a guide for international students who are coming to Canada, and navigating travel restrictions. It’s called “COVID-19:  guide for international students in Canada arriving from abroad.” The government outlines the roles and responsibilities of DLIs, provinces and territories and the government of Canada in supporting international students. The guide is […]

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How you can move to Canada from the U.S.

Credit to Author: Shelby Thevenot| Date: Tue, 03 Nov 2020 09:00:30 +0000

Every year, many people come to Canada from the U.S., whether it is for school, family, work, or the opportunity to start a new life. In 2019 alone, the U.S. was the fifth most popular country of origin of new Canadian immigrants. Those in the U.S. are well-positioned to immigrate to Canada through an economic-class […]

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Canadian schools reopening to international students

Credit to Author: Shelby Thevenot| Date: Wed, 21 Oct 2020 15:00:09 +0000

Canadian schools with coronavirus readiness plans can start accepting international student, as of October 20. Designated Learning Institutions (DLIs) are now able to accept international students who aren’t currently in Canada, and who have a study permit, or who have been approved for one. To be able to enter Canada as a student, you must […]

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Canada opening border to international students going to coronavirus-ready institutions

Credit to Author: Shelby Thevenot| Date: Tue, 06 Oct 2020 03:00:52 +0000

International students will be allowed to travel to Canada starting October 20, if their study institution has a coronavirus-readiness plan that has been approved by its provincial or territorial health authority. Designated Learning Institutions (DLIs) are expected to send the specifics of their readiness plan to the provincial or territorial government, since this is the […]

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Canada is now sending work and study permits by mail

Credit to Author: Shelby Thevenot| Date: Fri, 02 Oct 2020 16:18:59 +0000

Foreign nationals who are in Canada and who have been approved to work or study can now get their permits sent to them by mail. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) is now opening up its web form to take requests from people who have their Letter of Introductions (LOIs) but no way to travel […]

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