DIY Tesla Cybertruck With Cardboard, + Cybertruck Updates

Credit to Author: Johnna Crider| Date: Wed, 11 Nov 2020 21:24:57 +0000

YouTuber Liberman, who shares videos of his home projects — ranging from various models of agriculture machinery to toy machines — has shared a special do-it-yourself (DIY) project that CleanTechnica readers may like: a cardboard Tesla Cybertruck

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Our Next President, Joe Biden, Should Do These 21 Things

Credit to Author: Zachary Shahan| Date: Fri, 06 Nov 2020 07:19:02 +0000

Joe Biden will be the next president of the United States of America, and Kamala Harris will break through many barriers to become the next Vice President of the United States of America

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Tesla Full Self-Driving & Cybertruck Updates

Credit to Author: Zachary Shahan| Date: Tue, 03 Nov 2020 17:04:18 +0000

Tesla Chief Engineer Elon Musk has dropped several company updates on Twitter again. Below, I’ll roll through some updates about Tesla Full Self-Driving (Beta) and the Tesla Cybertruck

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Sandy Munro Compares Hummer EV, Tesla Cybertruck, & Rivian R1T

Credit to Author: Johnna Crider| Date: Sat, 24 Oct 2020 14:21:08 +0000

In his new video, Sandy Munro compares the new Hummer EV, Rivian R1T, and Tesla Cybertruck. Some of the topics Sandy dives into are battery construction, range, and cost. One thing Sandy noted about the Cybertruck is that it’s probably not going to be able to crab or do tank turns

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Tesla Needs These Affordable, Localized, Mass-Market Models

Credit to Author: Maarten Vinkhuyzen| Date: Wed, 21 Oct 2020 18:00:24 +0000

Elon Musk has previously expressed his concern that there is a lot of demand for Tesla autos from people who don’t have enough money to buy one. This was met with some laughter

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The Tesla Cybertruck Has Massive Appeal To Off-Road Enthusiasts

Credit to Author: Kyle Field| Date: Wed, 26 Aug 2020 18:31:04 +0000

Tesla’s Cybertruck is a disruptive entrant into the world of traditional pickup trucks. As an extremely functional vehicle as a work truck, the Cybertruck has the potential to be the first wedge into the world of blue collar workers and recreational truck enthusiasts for electric vehicles. Today, the three top selling vehicles in the United [&hellip

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Tesla Cybertruck vs. 2007 Apple iPhone — Breakthrough Product Parallels

Credit to Author: Guest Contributor| Date: Thu, 13 Aug 2020 20:00:17 +0000

Does the world need another Elon Musk/Steve Jobs comparison? I’ll leave that up to you to decide, dear readers (read on, or flit to the next flower). I assure you that only the most interesting, insightful, and incisive specimens of the genre are chronicled in these pages, and an unusual video by Admazing caught my editorial eye

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Will Nikola Or Tesla Produce America’s First Production Battery Electric Trucks?

Credit to Author: Kyle Field| Date: Wed, 05 Aug 2020 18:05:56 +0000

Last month, Nikola Motor broke ground on its first factory in Coolidge, Arizona, where it plans to produce the Nikola Tre and Nikola Two Class 8 trucks. Just a few days earlier, Tesla broke ground on its newest factory under construction in Austin, Texas where it plans to produce the Cybertruck, Semi, Model Y, and Model

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Elon Musk Says “Highly Likely” Will Offer Smaller Tesla Cybertruck “Down The Road” For Europe

Credit to Author: Zachary Shahan| Date: Tue, 04 Aug 2020 07:44:53 +0000

In a Twitter thread following an article CleanTechnica published approximately an hour ago, a European gentleman asked Tesla CEO Elon Musk if Tesla would consider offering a smaller Cybertruck for people in Europe (and elsewhere) who love the design and features of that vehicle but

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