Make the most out of the Canadian Immigrant Fair this Thursday

Planning on coming to the Canadian Immigrant Fair in Toronto this Thursday, June 7, at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre?

It’s going to be an important event for any newcomer looking to further their career or integration in Canada. From hiring employers to settlement services to post-secondary institutions, you will find information that you need in your immigration journey all under one roof at our tradeshow. And don’t miss the inspirational speakers’ series, practical workshops, Resumé Clinic, free photo headshots and more.


Here are six tips on how you can make the most of the career fair

Do your homework beforehand

Look up participating organizations (see all their logos here) and do a little research on those organizations that interest you. This way, you can be well prepared when you visit their booths and want to strike up a conversation with their representative.

Bring copies of your resumé and business cards

Bring several copies of your resumé to the fair as you may come across opportunities to submit it to employers hiring on site. You can also get free advice on it at our Resumé Clinic.  And business cards are great for networking.

Dress professionally 

First impressions matter. You should come to a job fair in professional, business dress. You never know who you’re going to meet. Plus, associate sponsor Public Mobile will have a free photo studio set up to provide attendees with new headshots for their LinkedIn accounts.

Network with everyone

Fairs are all about networking and building relationships.  Even if there are no job opportunities that suit your needs,  you can network with your fellow jobseekers and representatives from non-hiring service providers. You can discuss job leads, share information and make connections that could even last a lifetime. Don’t forget to practise great eye contact, a firm handshake and a big smile.

Be open to learning new things

There will be lots of information at the fair, including  inspirational strategies offered up by the speakers and workshop facilitators. Bring a pen and paper to take some notes to jot down fresh advice you can later apply in your job search or daily life.

Keep in touch

It is important to take the time to follow up with your fair contacts and/or interviewers after the event. This is where the long-term benefits of attending will truly kick in!

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