Canada’s healthcare crisis: Solving the problem beyond COVID-19

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It is no surprise Canada’s healthcare continues to be at a breaking point. Yet, critical conversations to address the crisis have taken a backseat to other provincial, federal, and global issues. Sure, COVID-19 cases may have plateaued, but supply chain, infrastructure and labour inefficiencies continue to prevent citizens from receiving the timely and appropriate treatment and care they deserve – in some cases even costing lives.

Many residents are taking it upon themselves to consider private healthcare and new online paid services to skip wait times and secure both diagnoses and prescriptions. While paying a premium to receive basic services may feel disheartening, grave concern lies in knowing that without a plan that stands the test of time, healthcare disparities will continue to grow. Maintaining the status quo is not a sustainable solution.

From Problem to Solving 

To meet rapidly growing economic demands, Canada aims to welcome 431,645 new permanent residents in 2022, 447,055 in 2023, and 451,000 in 2024. While these bold immigration targets are necessary for economic growth, our current healthcare, workforce, and education systems are not prepared to serve the existing population, let alone newcomers.

Transforming Canada’s declining healthcare system is not easy. It’s a complex issue requiring all hands on deck. Public and private sector organizations must join forces to establish solutions that support our nation’s multifaceted agenda, covering healthcare, education, housing, job growth, and more. A collaborative and holistic approach is important because it ensures competing priorities are well-managed and balanced, further making Canada an appealing hotspot for immigration. This would effectively help improve Canada’s healthcare system, support economic growth, and drive sustainable change for all of us.

How 369 Global is Driving Solutions

369 Global Inc. is an international conglomerate in the education, financial services, creative and entertainment, healthcare, and venture capital sectors. Recognizing diversity is our greatest Canadian strength, the organization aims to globalize leaders from around the world and form partnerships to support local, national, and international growth.

One way 369 Global contributed to addressing the healthcare labour shortage is by partnering with the public sector to provide free Personal Support Worker Training to students in Ontario. While this was significant it was not enough. More accessible education and training, recruitment, partnerships, and funding are needed to optimize delivery and outcomes.

In 2022, 369 Global expanded operations. Planned expansions include training centres abroad, starting in India, United Arab Emirates, and multiple regions in Africa. These training centres will focus on holistic training to ensure students are not only able to secure meaningful employment once they arrive in Canada, but also well-positioned to navigate the cultural and societal nuances that come with building a successful life here.

Later this year, 369 Global is also launching a Canadian Newcomer Talent Accelerator program. This program is an international healthcare recruitment pilot on a mission to effectively train and migrate skilled workers across the globe to address labour shortages in Canada. To ensure swift employment for newcomers on this path, 369 Global has officially signed Memorandum of Understanding agreements between Ontario-based hospitals beginning with Scarborough Health Network and Lakeridge Health.

For 369 Global, these initiatives make up only a fraction of all that is possible through existing and future partnerships. Stay tuned for more updates!

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