Score A Chevy Bolt for As Low As $107 Per Month

Credit to Author: Jennifer Sensiba| Date: Mon, 15 Mar 2021 11:10:45 +0000

Cars Direct recently reported that Costco members can get a swinging deal on a Chevy Bolt EV lease, with the lowest monthly fee at $107 per month available in San Francisco, and without an expensive down payment. The price is higher elsewhere, but not by a lot. This probably makes the Bolt EV the cheapest […]

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GM Banks On Free Electric Vehicle Charging Stations To Sell New Chevy Bolt EUVs

Credit to Author: Tina Casey| Date: Fri, 19 Feb 2021 14:54:54 +0000

GM’s new Chevy Bolt EUV gets an all-American showcase from hundreds of free electric vehicle charging stations reaching 70 million consumers.

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A New AMC Off-Road Electric Car?

Credit to Author: Jennifer Sensiba| Date: Wed, 17 Feb 2021 19:35:38 +0000

Unfortunately, it’s not that AMC. The cool Eagle 4-wheel drive hatchbacks and wagons haven’t been around for a long time, but a new company with the same initials is building something that looks eerily similar and is just as cool. For the younger Millennials and Gen-Y readers, let’s take a quick look at the old […]

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Chevy Dealers Are Desperate To Clear Out 2020 & 2021 Bolts

Credit to Author: Jennifer Sensiba| Date: Wed, 17 Feb 2021 19:05:28 +0000

With the recent announcement of the 2022 Bolt and Bolt EUV, fans of Chevy and GM have something cool to look forward to later this year. Dealers aren’t so excited, though. They still have a lot of 2021 and even 2020 models sitting on the lots not being sold, and they need to clear them […]

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Why Don’t The 2022 Chevrolet Bolt EV & EUV Charge Faster?

Credit to Author: Jennifer Sensiba| Date: Tue, 16 Feb 2021 17:06:27 +0000

The refreshed Chevrolet Bolt EV and the new Bolt EUV that are coming out this summer are pretty cool cars. The Bolt was already a solid vehicle, with reasonable range and a liquid-cooled battery, and the new EUV version is going to be a welcome addition with many buyers who prefer crossovers. On the other […]

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Chevrolet Bolt EV Recall Update

Credit to Author: Jennifer Sensiba| Date: Fri, 12 Feb 2021 18:42:55 +0000

In a recent Facebook post, GM updated Chevrolet Bolt EV owners on the recall that applies to 2017-19 vehicles. While it’s an unusual move to post things like this in a Facebook group, it is good for owners to know that GM intends to restore full battery capacity. The recall was first announced late last […]

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Study: Tesla Far Ahead In Online New Vehicle Sales

Credit to Author: Johnna Crider| Date: Sun, 07 Feb 2021 03:43:10 +0000

A new study by BearingPoint shows that Tesla dominates geographic availability and ease of online sales of new vehicles. The study evaluated the online offerings of automotive manufactures in the US, Europe, and China along with their “online sales readiness” in those markets. The analysis revealed that Tesla stood out from the other OEMs due […]

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Automakers, Please Stop Diluting Sports Car Nameplates With Crossovers

Credit to Author: Jennifer Sensiba| Date: Fri, 22 Jan 2021 18:45:08 +0000

GM is planning to build an electric Corvette crossover, and it’s time we started speaking up. I get that crossovers are the automakers’ bread and butter these days, but that doesn’t mean they need to destroy iconic brands by making a crossover version of everything

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