Tesla Semi Megachargers Fully Installed At Giga Nevada

Credit to Author: Johnna Crider| Date: Tue, 25 Jan 2022 10:30:32 +0000

All four Tesla Semi Megachargers are fully installed at Tesla’s Gigafactory in Nevada. Sawyer Merritt shared photos of the completed installation on Twitter and noted that the Megachargers will be able to charge at the rate of 1.5MW. He also added that around 210 Megapacks, worth around $291 million, were spotted. Compared to December pics […]

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Is Switzerland’s Electric Vehicle Story A Preview For The Rest Of The Globe?

Credit to Author: Iqtidar Ali| Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2022 04:29:26 +0000

For a long time, Norway was the ultimate trendsetter when it came to the future of electric vehicle adoption. Now there’s another country worth admiring. Known for exquisite chocolates, fine watches, secretive banks, and Roger Federer — Switzerland is now making some waves on the EV scene. It turns out that last year, an electric car sold […]

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Flicking the Switch on Truck Charging

Credit to Author: Guest Contributor| Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2022 14:31:28 +0000

Why connecting truck charging stations to the electricity grid is technically and economically feasible. Originally published on Transport & Environment. Truck makers are now focusing on bringing battery-powered trucks to the mass market for all vehicle segments, and including long-haul starting from 2024. For this, a network of public high-power and overnight charging points needs to […]

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EV Charging In Rural Areas — Different Balance, Different Focus (Sometimes)

Credit to Author: Zachary Shahan| Date: Tue, 18 Jan 2022 22:09:28 +0000

We are well versed in the need for EV charging stations for road trips, for urban residents who don’t have garages or dedicated parking spaces with electricity outlets next to them, for workplace charging, and for topping up at popular hotspots. However, there are more charging infrastructure needs than all of that if we want […]

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EV Commercials Go Prime Time

Credit to Author: Carolyn Fortuna| Date: Tue, 18 Jan 2022 17:49:53 +0000

EV commercialsDriving an EV is fun and surprising! Luxury, confidence, and being visionary are also themes that emerge in automakers’ recent shift to EV marketing. The stakes are high.

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Protecting EV Charging Stations from Cyberattacks

Credit to Author: Guest Contributor| Date: Mon, 17 Jan 2022 14:40:24 +0000

As the number of electric cars on the road grows, so does the need for electric vehicle (EV) charging stations and the Internet-based managing systems within those stations. However, these managing systems face their own issues: cybersecurity attacks. Elias Bou-Harb, director of the UTSA Cyber Center for Security and Analytics, and his colleagues — Claud […]

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What I’ve Learned From Driving An EV

Credit to Author: Carolyn Fortuna| Date: Sun, 16 Jan 2022 04:34:44 +0000

driving an EVAn article from a London-based new EV owner showed the confusion and tension that can arise from feeling clueless about driving a computer on wheels. It also showcases how the EV community can be a source of guidance and solace for the upcoming surge of EV owners.

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5 Ways US States Can Get More Electric School Buses on the Road

Credit to Author: World Resources Institute| Date: Sat, 15 Jan 2022 02:40:54 +0000

This is the first article in a three-part series examining the ways stakeholders — including state policymakers, school districts, and electric utilities — can build on recent federal actions to accelerate the equitable transition to electric school buses across the U.S. Originally published on WRI’s Resource Institute. By Katrina McLaughlin and Justin Balik  The recent enactment of the […]

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