“Killer Fog”& Bringing Science Back To The EPA — Whether The EPA Wants It Or Not

Credit to Author: Cynthia Shahan| Date: Sat, 19 Oct 2019 22:49:03 +0000

Sometime in the 1940s–1950s, a young, passionate socialite activist supplied her alibi to Nero Wolfe: “I dined with the governor to discuss ‘killer fog.'” Nero Wolfe was educated about everything, and he agreed with her on the automobile pollution she referred to as “killer fog.” Wolfe inquired, “Are you referring to the London event?”

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There’s 1 Group Of People Not At All Surprised By Donald Trump Letting Turkey Massacre US Allies

Credit to Author: Zachary Shahan| Date: Fri, 11 Oct 2019 02:22:16 +0000

It’s a shame — you’ve got a poor economy almost completely dependent on one industry (the oil industry) that is controlled by corrupt oligarchs, and that country’s totally corrupt president is apparently running foreign policy for what is supposed to be the most powerful nation on earth. It’s like a privileged, educated 20-year-old with kind and thoughtful parents who has fallen under the spell (or control) of a nasty, corrupt, immoral, drug-addicted street thug

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Trump envoy set to testify hasn’t always been a Trump backer

Credit to Author: The Manila Times| Date: Tue, 08 Oct 2019 05:21:24 +0000

WASHINGTON, D.C.: An envoy wrapped up in a congressional impeachment inquiry was a late convert to President Donald Trump, initially supporting another candidate in the Republican primary and once refusing to…READ

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Donald Trump Is Robbing His Own Rural Supporters, The American People, You

Credit to Author: Zachary Shahan| Date: Mon, 07 Oct 2019 23:00:52 +0000

Manufacturing jobs have been lost in key states that swung right to elect Trump. Coal is still a dead industry walking (because it’s not competitive). Funding for military families has been taken from them and redirected to funding for what will be a useless portion of an ineffective, incomplete wall — a wall Mexico is very clearly not paying for. The middle class hasn’t benefited from any Trump-generated manufacturing revival or economic boom. Instead of protecting US national security and improving our global economic position with international partnerships, Trump is trading friendly US policies for personal political help from foreign countries

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