How Much Steel Will All Those Wind Turbines & Solar Panels Need, & Can We Make It?

Credit to Author: Michael Barnard| Date: Mon, 27 Mar 2023 15:35:13 +0000

DALL·E generated image of a stack of steel ingots in a field of wind turbines and solar panels, digital artSteel will not remotely be a constraint for global transformation of energy over the coming decades. We make vastly more of it per year than annual requirements, and there’s an increasing amount of scrap being created.

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How Will Future Larger Turbines Impact Wind Project Electricity Output & Surrounding Community Sound Levels?

Credit to Author: Guest Contributor| Date: Sat, 25 Mar 2023 14:00:27 +0000

New Berkeley Lab study finds a dramatic increase in estimated project output coupled with a decrease in surrounding sound levels for future turbines as compared to those installed in the past.  Multiple technological, social, and market factors of wind power are evolving rapidly. Most notably, significant wind turbine scaling in height and size is occurring […]

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Steel’s Outsized Carbon Emissions Will Shrink Rapidly In Coming Decades Even As Demand Rises

Credit to Author: Michael Barnard| Date: Fri, 24 Mar 2023 18:35:28 +0000

DALL·E generatred image of feeding scrapped steel into an electric furnace, digital artWith more scrapping and more direct reduction using lower carbon technologies such as Midrex’ DRI and HYBRIT every decade, and the likely creation of those facilities closer to iron ore mines, high-emissions furnaces will go out of business over the coming decades, unable to decarbonize.

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European Tiny Modular Reactor Deal Starts With Absurdly Expensive Electricity

Credit to Author: Michael Barnard| Date: Thu, 23 Mar 2023 18:15:20 +0000

DALL·E generated image of cradles in hospital maternity ward with tiny nuclear reactors in them, digital artAlready 2.4 times as expensive as very, very expensive Hinkley. First of a kind, so very likely to double or more in price. Very unlikely to be built before 2040 due to long-tailed risks.

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Universities Develop Ways for Wind Turbines to Generate More Energy

Credit to Author: Guest Contributor| Date: Wed, 22 Mar 2023 18:55:27 +0000

A major collaboration between universities and energy companies has made vital improvements to offshore wind turbines, which could help them generate more renewable energy and reduce the UK’s reliance on fossil fuels. Major collaboration between universities and industry has made vital improvements to offshore wind production Partnership between Universities of Sheffield, Durham, Hull and energy […]

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Steel Is A Major Climate Problem, But Can Decarbonize Rapidly In The Coming Decades

Credit to Author: Michael Barnard| Date: Wed, 22 Mar 2023 17:25:18 +0000

DALL·E generated image of a beached oil tanker being cut up for scrap steel, digital artSteel, like concrete, is such an integral part of our world that we rarely notice it. From wherever you are reading this, I guarantee that there is steel in your line of sight, and likely vastly more of it than you realize. Whatever device you are reading it on has steel inside of it. If […]

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Over 1 GW Of Private Solar & Wind Projects Registered In South Africa In The First 2 Months Of 2023

Credit to Author: Remeredzai Joseph Kuhudzai| Date: Mon, 20 Mar 2023 15:35:30 +0000

Solar farmSouth Africa has removed some of the stringent requirements for companies to generate power for their own consumption. Before the amendment to Schedule 2 of the Electricity Act, anyone planning to produce their own electricity had to apply for a license if the power plant was larger than 1 MW. It was quite a process […]

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Scotland Beats US To Offshore Floating Wind Turbine Punch, Again

Credit to Author: Tina Casey| Date: Mon, 20 Mar 2023 13:30:44 +0000

Beatrice Offshore WindfarmScotland lays plans for the new 3.6 gigawatt Ossian offshore floating wind farm, leaving the US wind industry with lots of catching up to do.

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U.S. EIA Is Sending Mixed Messages On Fossil Fuels & Emissions

Credit to Author: Steve Hanley| Date: Sun, 19 Mar 2023 21:01:17 +0000

The EIA forecasts lower US carbon emissions by 2050. It also forecasts higher oil and gas production. Can both scenarios be correct?

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Never Mind The Bottlenecks, Wind Farm Repowering Is Taking Off

Credit to Author: Tina Casey| Date: Sat, 18 Mar 2023 15:23:55 +0000

repowering wind farm pivotgenRepowering an existing wind farm is one way to get around the anti-wind movement and keep pumping more clean kilowatts into the grid.

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