Central Heat Pump Water Heaters Are A Crucial Technology To Decarbonize Multi-Family & Commercial Buildings

Credit to Author: Joe Wachunas| Date: Fri, 26 May 2023 22:35:49 +0000

Water heating uses a lot of energy, and consequently costs a lot of money and creates a lot of pollution. The heat pump water heater is the silver bullet to these water heating problems. It’s efficient, saves money, reduces or eliminates air pollution, and it delivers hot water with faster first hour ratings than electric […]

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Clean Condo Life: Taking Heat Pumps To My Vertical Village’s Council

Credit to Author: Michael Barnard| Date: Thu, 18 May 2023 20:50:58 +0000

DALL·E generated image of a diverse group of people meeting on a reddish tinged cloud, digital artClean condo life is messy. It takes time. There’s conflict involved sometimes. Emotions can run high. These are our homes we’re talking about, after all.

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Clean Condo Life: Heat Pumps Are Great, But Adding Them To Condos Requires Care In Installation

Credit to Author: Michael Barnard| Date: Tue, 16 May 2023 19:35:30 +0000

DALL·E generated image of a wall mounted heat pump air exchange unit blowing cool blue curls of air into a condo living room, digital artAs a resident of a condo without central air conditioning, I’ve been feeling the harsh effects of climate change, particularly during the sweltering summers. With climate change, population growth, and urbanization being the key megatrends, it’s clear that air conditioning is transitioning from a luxury to a necessity. For instance, in my Vancouver condo, the […]

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Clean Condo Life: Getting Heat Pumps For Buildings Without A/C

Credit to Author: Michael Barnard| Date: Tue, 16 May 2023 10:50:42 +0000

DALL·E generated image of a condo building balcony with a heat pump, digital artHeat pumps are added to condos all the time, increase the sales value, can save you a bit of money in the wintertime, and will give you blessed comfort on hot days in the summer.

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Our Cleveland Duplex Case Study: The All-Electric Side Saves Money Compared To The Gas Side

Credit to Author: Naomi Cole & Joe Wachunas| Date: Sun, 16 Apr 2023 14:43:20 +0000

This is a story of electricity beating gas. In 2021, we decided to fix up a duplex in Cleveland, Ohio, that has been in our family for 75 years. After some serious aesthetic and sustainable improvements, we unintentionally ran a multi-year case study in which we experimented with two identical housing units–one powered by gas […]

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Tesla Master Plan 3 — Doing The Right Thing Will Cost Less Than Business As Usual Approach

Credit to Author: Steve Hanley| Date: Thu, 06 Apr 2023 21:17:41 +0000

TeslaOn April 5, 2023, Tesla published Master Plan 3 — Sustainable Energy For All The Earth. It’s 41 pages long, which is exactly 40 pages more than Master Plan 1 and Master Plan 2. We won’t republish the whole thing here, as we know you will want to study it at your leisure. Suffice to […]

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Nottingham City Council’s Greener HousiNG Scheme Installed Retrofit Measures On 1,036 Homes

Credit to Author: Remeredzai Joseph Kuhudzai| Date: Wed, 05 Apr 2023 17:25:04 +0000

Analyzing how we currently use energy in our homes and then incorporating energy efficiencies measures is one of the first steps on the journey to making energy use more sustainable. Corrective measures often include retrofits for old homes, including energy efficiency improvements such as insulation, solar panels, and air source heat pumps. Nottingham City Council […]

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Geothermal Heat Pumps — Clean Energy 101

Credit to Author: RMI| Date: Tue, 04 Apr 2023 10:55:04 +0000

Geothermal heating and coolingGeothermal heat pumps are a time-tested clean heating & cooling technology with untapped potential. The age of the electric heat pump is well underway. This clean heating and cooling technology has been in use for decades and is widely adopted across Asia and parts of Europe such as Norway where heat pumps heat and cool […]

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Set It & Forget It: How Heat Pumps Resolved a Long Term Marital Dispute

Credit to Author: Naomi Cole & Joe Wachunas| Date: Sun, 02 Apr 2023 12:00:16 +0000

A decade old argument in our house relates to the right indoor temperature for our long, chilly, and wet Portland winters. It’s not just a matter of what temperature makes each of us most comfortable (a common household debate) but in our house, where energy savings reign king, it’s also a matter of what temperature […]

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