Tesla Has A Problem, Australia Has The Solution

Credit to Author: David Waterworth| Date: Wed, 22 Sep 2021 00:55:56 +0000

Even though there are mistakes and accidents in the Australian mining industry, I believe it has the answer to Tesla’s problem of obtaining enough resources for its ongoing production needs while being respectful of communities, transparent in its transactions, and protective of its workforce. Earlier this year, Rio Tinto made the tragic mistake of damaging […]

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Daphne Bramham: Changing B.C.'s Dickensian-era child labour laws is worth celebrating

Credit to Author: Daphne Bramham| Date: Wed, 01 Sep 2021 22:40:39 +0000

For decades, British Columbia had the worst child labour laws in North America. That’s changing and worth celebrating this Labour Day.

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Tesla’s Re|Source Blockchain Collaboration For Cobalt Aims To Prove That Tesla Ethically Sources Its Cobalt

Credit to Author: Johnna Crider| Date: Sat, 28 Aug 2021 03:53:47 +0000

One argument that often comes up against Tesla and Elon Musk is that they “own child slaves” or “own slave labor.” I’ve seen those in my notifications quite often (and randomly, too). But the fact remains that neither Tesla nor Elon Musk owns slaves, nor do they support slave labor or child labor. This myth […]

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Tesla Chair Robyn Denholm Speaks, Western Australia Takes Action

Credit to Author: David Waterworth| Date: Mon, 09 Aug 2021 17:19:45 +0000

As Australia moves glacially towards exporting products that mitigate climate change instead of exporting products that increase it, Western Australia is taking Robyn Denholm’s advice seriously. The Chairperson of Tesla recently spoke at a mining conference urging Australians to get involved higher up the value chain with the minerals we are digging out of the […]

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Bev Sellars: Clean tech cannot be built on dirty mining that ignores human rights and safety

Credit to Author: Hardip Johal| Date: Thu, 05 Aug 2021 01:00:30 +0000

Opinion: Without a voice in key decisions about mining, such as staking, requiring full bonding at mines, and the creation of mining-free zones, Indigenous peoples and other communities impacted by new and existing mines remain at risk

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Human Rights Abuses In Aluminum Supply Chain Need To Be Stopped

Credit to Author: Jo Borrás| Date: Tue, 27 Jul 2021 17:10:34 +0000

In a recently published, 63-page report, Human Rights Watch describes the automotive supply chains that connect car manufacturers to aluminum mines, refineries, and smelters around the world. The report also documents a number of human rights impacts related to aluminum production and processing, from the destruction of ancestral farmland and damage to community water sources […]

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Middle Ground: Going Forward With The EV Transition, But Acknowledging The Impacts of Battery Mining

Credit to Author: Jennifer Sensiba| Date: Mon, 26 Jul 2021 18:13:50 +0000

Mining for battery materials can be a touchy subject. The haters and the people who stand to lose money in the transition to clean energy love to bring it up. They normally don’t care one bit about the environmental impacts of things (or they wouldn’t support the oil and coal industries like they do). When […]

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Quickly Robin, To The Batt Mobile!

Credit to Author: David Waterworth| Date: Mon, 26 Jul 2021 14:00:14 +0000

Holy guacamole, it’s the Modern Mining Initiative. The recalcitrant Australian federal government is supporting electric vehicles by issuing grants to companies electrifying diesel vehicles in the mining industry. They have granted almost $10 million to Batt Mobile of Newcastle NSW and Elphinstone of Tasmania to develop electric mining equipment for underground hard rock mines. This […]

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