Goodbye, Diesel. Hello, Solar.

Credit to Author: David Waterworth| Date: Thu, 11 Aug 2022 23:50:55 +0000

How do you make a difference and a profit in Australia’s dairy industry? The answer is shining in your face. John and Rochelle Pekin have made the move from relying on a fragile grid and a smelly backup diesel generator to solar + batteries. Goodbye, diesel. Hello, solar and batteries. Energy Renaissance, pioneers in the […]

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From Perth To Sydney — A Marathon In A Tesla Model 3

Credit to Author: David Waterworth| Date: Wed, 10 Aug 2022 09:10:51 +0000

Jon Edwards, as told to David Waterworth The team behind the Tesla Model 3 Targa West success story plans to be part of the recreation of Australia’s historic Perth-to-Sydney marathon in October this year. I caught up with Jon Edwards and he supplied this update: The TOCEVA race team will tackle the Perth-to-Sydney marathon with […]

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Location Key to Improved Autonomous Vehicle Vision

Credit to Author: Guest Contributor| Date: Wed, 10 Aug 2022 03:50:19 +0000

QUT robotics researchers working with Ford Motor Company have found a way to tell an autonomous vehicle which cameras to use when navigating. Professor Michael Milford, Joint Director of the QUT Centre for Robotics and Australian Research Council Laureate Fellow and senior author, said the research comes from a project looking at how cameras and […]

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BYD Electric Vehicle Launch a Massive Success in Australia

Credit to Author: David Waterworth| Date: Sun, 07 Aug 2022 06:34:28 +0000

BYD Electric Vehicle LaunchNot since Tesla brought a Model 3 to Brisbane back in 2018 (prior to deliveries in 2019) have I seen such a crowd at the launch of an electric vehicle. BYD received 600 RSVPs to the launch at Indooroopilly’s Auto Mall in Brisbane. I think all of them were there on August 2nd. After the […]

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CHOICE Magazine Seeks to Help Buyers Navigate the EV Experience

Credit to Author: David Waterworth| Date: Fri, 05 Aug 2022 17:10:04 +0000

The complexity of the calculations behind electric vehicle efficacy is highlighted by a recent report from CHOICE magazine. CHOICE is highly regarded in Australia for giving excellent advice to consumers regarding product purchase. However, I took issue with what I felt were poorly made assumptions underpinning their advice to consumers. Check out their report on […]

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Priming the Next Generation of EV Engineers

Credit to Author: David Waterworth| Date: Thu, 04 Aug 2022 23:27:50 +0000

Priming the Next GenerationPlacing a display of year 6 (12 year old) school students between the Janus battery electric truck and the university electric car racing team at the Noosa EV expo was pure genius. The students as the next generation of drivers demonstrated their school project with remote-controlled cars and battery swapping, and when they had a […]

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Excitement Builds in the Australian Tesla Model Y Community

Credit to Author: David Waterworth| Date: Wed, 03 Aug 2022 04:50:52 +0000

Tesla Model YThe experience of one new Tesla owner epitomizes the excitement in the Tesla Model Y community in Australia as they track shiploads of Model Ys coming from China and watch the expected times of delivery for new orders blow out. Michelle ordered her Model Y in the few minutes after she got her email saying […]

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The Good Car Company

Credit to Author: David Waterworth| Date: Tue, 02 Aug 2022 21:43:08 +0000

Good Car CompanyAnthony Broese van Groenou and I have had two good chats, one when he was waiting for a burger at the Australian Electric Vehicle Association Electric Vehicle expo in Cleveland last year and another when he was driving an Ioniq from Brisbane to Byron Bay. It speaks to how busy he is importing used Nissan […]

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World 1st: Tesla Batteries Providing Inertia Services At Scale

Credit to Author: Zachary Shahan| Date: Tue, 02 Aug 2022 02:37:21 +0000

Tesla Megapack battery storageLet’s start with the ABCs: what are inertia services on an electricity grid? Even before that, what is inertia in a grid setting? Most of us should remember “inertia” from our younger years in primary school. Inertia is an object’s natural inclination to just keep moving (if it weren’t for friction) or just keep sitting […]

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