Struggling to get your children to communicate? Tips to get kids talking

Engaging in meaningful conversation with your children is a great way to connect and build stronger relationships. It can help you gain insight into your child’s inner world and get to know them in a more meaningful way.  However, with differences in personalities, age and culture, on top of busy schedules, it can be challenging […]

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Group warns parents vs ‘Magnetic Putty’ toy for deadly arsenic, lead content

Magnetic Putty

Citing high level of toxic chemical content, environment activists warned parents on Monday against buying or allowing their children to play with slime toy called “Magnetic Putty.”

The post Group warns parents vs ‘Magnetic Putty’ toy for deadly arsenic, lead content appeared first on Inquirer News.

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Raising kids in a new country means adapting to new ways of thinking

Although the majority of immigrants try their best to embrace the culture and values of their new country, it is not always easy, especially when it comes to parenting. One of the biggest challenges for immigrant parents is understanding how to raise and discipline their children in Canada. More old-school styles of discipline including yelling […]

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Autumn activities in Canada for family fun

  Autumn, or fall, is a season to celebrate the harvest and prepare for the arrival of winter. With the cool crisp air and the beautiful autumn sceneries, there is so much to appreciate about the season.  And there is plenty to do with families, too. Appreciate nature Enjoy the natural beauty of the season, […]

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