Recycling tips: Teach your children to take small steps for a better future

Credit to Author: Cheryl Song| Date: Tue, 24 Jan 2023 21:51:29 +0000

There is no time like today to start recycling, to help improve the environment for future generations. Recycling can reduce pollution and landfill waste, and help with protecting our natural resources, ecosystem and wildlife. Here are some recycling tips.

Learn about the 3Rs – Recycle, Reduce, Reuse

Teach children the importance of reducing waste. Get your children involved so that they will grow up to be environmentally conscious. With careful planning and organizing, everyone in family can play an important role in recycling. Designate a recycling area with clear labels and containers at your home. Based on the age of children, assign them different recycling tasks, such as sorting the recyclables or putting the recyclables to the curb.

Abide by your city’s regulations

Know your city and housing recycling and garbage disposal bylaws. Failure to abide by bylaws may result in fines. Check out your local recycling and waste management websites and apps that can provide residents with the schedule, service alerts and reminders. Some websites even have apps and programs for young children to learn about recycling.

Care for the environment

Consider putting a composter and rain barrel in your backyard to help with your gardening. Donate healthy plants and harvest from your garden with others. When out in nature, teach your children to put garbage in the designated garbage or recycle bins. If there is no place to discard garbage or recyclable materials, take them with you to dispose later, to avoid littering in nature.

Give items a second life

Consider selling or donating usable household materials to local consignment stores, thrift stores or give them to friends and families. Find ways to fix or reuse items, such as upcycling and repurposing things or reusing items for craft projects or donating extra craft and supplies to local schools and charities. Check websites where you can give away or sell items online.

Cut down on disposables

When shopping, make conscious decisions to buy products made with recycled materials, and/or less packaging. To reduce your carbon footprint, make an extra effort to buy local and buy less. Use reusable containers instead of use disposable bags or juice bottles for children’s lunch. Bring your own reusable shopping bags when shopping and your own containers for food takeout.

Recycling as a family does require extra time and effort to start, but the impact and benefits are well worth the effort. Commit to making recycling part of your family routine, and teach your children to make the planet a greener and better place for future generations to come.

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