Climate — Getting to the Root

Credit to Author: U.S. Department of Energy| Date: Wed, 15 Sep 2021 00:11:39 +0000

Originally published by Oak Ridge National Laboratory. By Researcher: Colleen M Iversen New data hosted by Oak Ridge National Laboratory is helping scientists around the world understand the secret lives of plant roots as well as their impact on the global carbon cycle and climate change. The Fine Root Ecology Database, or FRED 3.0, brings together 150,000 […]

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Lake Powell Water Levels Fall To Lowest On Record

Credit to Author: Nexus Media| Date: Thu, 29 Jul 2021 03:10:38 +0000

Lake Powell fell to just 33% capacity Monday, marking the lowest level on record, in large part due to a climate-change driven drought in the region. The reservoir, which is the country’s second largest, is fed by the Colorado River and provides water for more than 40 million people across the region, including farmers, ranchers […]

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Scientists’ Heatwave Warning 20 Years Ago Was Tragically Prescient

Credit to Author: Nexus Media| Date: Sat, 24 Jul 2021 10:25:38 +0000

The mass casualty heatwave that broiled the Pacific Northwest and western Canada last month is precisely the kind of catastrophe predicted by climate scientists two decades ago, Yale Climate Connections reports. In 2001, the IPCC’s Third Assessment warned the greatest increases in heat stress were expected in “mid- to high-latitude (temperate) cities, especially in populations with non-adapted architecture […]

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Living With A Never Ending Climate Emergency

Credit to Author: Steve Hanley| Date: Sat, 03 Jul 2021 22:01:39 +0000

Last week’s heat dome may be just the beginning of a new normal as the Earth’s climate tips over into a new age that will no longer support human life.

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UN Greenwashes Shipping with Hopelessly Weak Carbon Efficiency Target

Credit to Author: Guest Contributor| Date: Fri, 18 Jun 2021 21:30:54 +0000

Originally published on Transport & Environment. By Eoin Bannon The global shipping fleet will be required to reduce its carbon intensity by just 1.5% a year under a climate plan adopted by the UN regulator, the IMO, yesterday. The target is as weak as what would be achieved under business as usual¹ and falls far short of […]

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Rep. Louie Gohmert Thinks Moon’s Orbit Blocks Climate Action

Credit to Author: Nexus Media| Date: Fri, 11 Jun 2021 00:12:57 +0000

Representative Louie Gohmert from Texas made headlines Wednesday after comments he made about climate change and the orbit of the Earth and moon went viral. In a virtual House Natural Resources Committee hearing, Gohmert asked Jennifer Eberlien, the associate deputy chief for the U.S. Forest Service, whether the Forest Service or Bureau of Land Management […]

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Migration From Central America Driven By Climate Change

Credit to Author: Nexus Media| Date: Thu, 10 Jun 2021 02:46:40 +0000

Climate change is a major factor forcing Central Americans, left with no other option, to flee their homes, as the dual threats of drought and extreme weather have destroyed crops and productive farmland, Bloomberg reports. Central America is responsible for less than 1% of global carbon pollution, yet is one of the most vulnerable regions […]

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Lack Of Black Climate Scientists Causes Suboptimal Outcomes

Credit to Author: Nexus Media| Date: Fri, 28 May 2021 19:10:24 +0000

The dearth of Black researchers in the geosciences, which includes climatology, not only creates an exclusionary environment that isolates Black people within the field, but leads to inferior outcomes, Bloomberg reports. The self-perpetuating cycle of racial and socioeconomic exclusivity means those at the top of climate science academia have limited interactions with Black and other […]

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Climate Denialism Has No Place at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Credit to Author: Guest Contributor| Date: Tue, 25 May 2021 13:20:20 +0000

Courtesy of Union Of Concerned Scientists. By Ben Santer, John D., and Catherine T. MacArthur Fellow, UCS Science Network Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) has invited Professor Steven Koonin to give a seminar on May 27, 2021. Professor Koonin’s seminar will cover material contained in a book he published on May 4. His book is entitled Unsettled. […]

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