East Bay Customers Support California’s Grid During Extreme Heat Wave Through Innovative Program

Credit to Author: Remeredzai Joseph Kuhudzai| Date: Mon, 26 Sep 2022 03:22:30 +0000

For the past two years, East Bay Community Energy (EBCE), one of the nation’s top clean energy providers, and Sunrun, the largest home solar and battery storage company in the USA, have been installing new solar + battery systems. So far, they have enrolled more than 1,000 single-family homes in Alameda County and Tracy into EBCE’s […]

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Rooftop Solar Recently Reached 72% Of Western Australia Electricity Output!

Credit to Author: Zachary Shahan| Date: Sun, 25 Sep 2022 00:30:40 +0000

Once upon a time, it was a common assumption in the utility industry and among solar skeptics that solar power couldn’t provide more than 5% of grid electricity or the grid would break. And by common, I mean that was the conventional wisdom except among solar loons. How the times have changed! In the latest […]

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What Is A Portable Solar Generator?

Credit to Author: David Waterworth| Date: Tue, 13 Sep 2022 16:07:22 +0000

Portable Solar GeneratorAs seen on the recent series of The Block, the Linked Powerhouse “portable solar generator” is a combination of a RedEarth battery system, solar panels, and a diesel backup system, all mounted on skids so it can be delivered on a tilt tray and towed around a building site. It is codenamed “the EcoG3N™” and […]

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Solving Rooftop Solar Permitting Challenges In USA: New American-Made SolarAPP+ Prize

Credit to Author: U.S. Department of Energy| Date: Tue, 13 Sep 2022 00:10:58 +0000

The U.S. Department of Energy just launched the American-Made SolarAPP+ Prize to accelerate the adoption of SolarAPP+ by local governments. Counties, cities, and incorporated towns and villages in the United States can win $15,000 by applying before Nov. 4, 2022, and implementing SolarAPP+ by April 27, 2023. SolarAPP+ is an online platform that can automate […]

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After Gamma: The Story Aptera Should Be Telling Next (Part 2)

Credit to Author: Jennifer Sensiba| Date: Mon, 12 Sep 2022 16:00:27 +0000

In Part 1, I explained the situation Aptera faces as it makes the case to the world that it’s ready for serious production. But, like last time, the biggest thing holding the vehicle back is that the car isn’t very normal. With two seats, three wheels, and a very unconventional shape, it’s got a lot […]

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After Gamma: The Story Aptera Should Be Telling Next

Credit to Author: Jennifer Sensiba| Date: Mon, 12 Sep 2022 13:00:24 +0000

For those who don’t follow Aptera too closely, the company recently revealed its third and next-to-last vehicle design: Gamma. It shows not only improvements in the overall design as it relates to buyers, but also shows the work the company has done to make it easy to build and easy to repair. Here’s a short […]

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California’s Electricity Rates Should Be Unbundled — Op-Ed

Credit to Author: Zachary Shahan| Date: Sun, 11 Sep 2022 22:49:33 +0000

The discussion about California’s grid, rooftop solar energy, and net metering goes on. Following up on the comments under this article and then this article as well as years of debate, research reports, lobbying, solar industry pushback, and a net metering update that seems to be in complete limbo, below is a comment from CleanTechnica […]

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Why Rooftop Solar Power Investments Are Worth It, & Why California Solar Net Metering Might Not Be Fair — Competing Op-Eds

Credit to Author: Zachary Shahan| Date: Sun, 11 Sep 2022 16:19:38 +0000

We have some of the most informed readers in the world, but that doesn’t mean they agree on everything. In fact, sometimes they have feverish yet well informed debates that genuinely use logic (rather than ad hominem attacks and other logical fallacies) to discuss different technology or policy approaches. I was just reading through the […]

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Low-Income Households In Belgium To Get Financial Benefit From 400,000 Solar Panels

Credit to Author: Zachary Shahan| Date: Sun, 11 Sep 2022 02:09:49 +0000

Helping two birds with one hand, a new program in Belgium is looking to help cut emissions and provide a little financial boost to lower-income households. Thousands of social housing units will be receiving 400,000 solar panels via a €150 million investment. Actually, we should say that this helps three birds — given the conflict […]

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