The Top 20 NREL Stories Of 2022

Credit to Author: U.S. Department of Energy| Date: Tue, 03 Jan 2023 23:45:07 +0000

Throughout 2022, researchers, staff, and leadership at the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE’s) National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) worked together with collaborators and partners to advance renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies. As this busy year at NREL draws to a close, we look back at some of the laboratory’s most impactful accomplishments from 2022 […]

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Russia Whiffs On Baltic Green Hydrogen Opportunity (Shocker!)

Credit to Author: Tina Casey| Date: Sat, 17 Dec 2022 18:30:14 +0000

green hydrogen baltic sea eu russiaSix EU states join up to harvest green hydrogen from the Baltic Sea and transport it to industrial clusters in the Baltic region and beyond.

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US Banks On Lithuania (!?) To Prove LA100 Renewable Energy Model

Credit to Author: Tina Casey| Date: Mon, 19 Sep 2022 15:30:23 +0000

renewable energy 100% lithuania usa la modelLithuania is the first nation in the world to adopt the LA100 renewable energy model developed by the US National Renewable Energy Laboratory for the City of Los Angeles.

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Half of EU Electric Car Chargers in Just Two Countries!

Credit to Author: Zachary Shahan| Date: Wed, 13 Jul 2022 19:50:51 +0000

I’ve followed the European electric car and EV charger market for a decade. We’ve hosted conferences on EV charging within Europe. Nonetheless, I was shocked to see the figure that just came out from an EU EV charging analysis conducted by the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA) — “half of all charging points for electric […]

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Electrofuel Revolution Coming To Baltic Sea, & So Is Russia

Credit to Author: Tina Casey| Date: Mon, 04 Jul 2022 17:05:08 +0000

electrofuel floating offshore wind Sweden green hydrogenAs the Russian Baltic Fleet rattles its sword, renewable energy stakeholders in Sweden and elsewhere are eyeballing Baltic Sea offshore wind for a foothold in the new electrofuel market.

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