List of 8 Electric Cars to Avoid Buying is Mostly Stupid

Credit to Author: Zachary Shahan| Date: Tue, 05 Dec 2023 04:36:04 +0000

I was on Google News and I saw a headline “8 Electric Cars to Avoid Buying.” I couldn’t help myself, … [continued]

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Tesla Cuts Model S & Model X Prices by $8,500 in Q2 Inventory Push

Credit to Author: Chris Boylan| Date: Sat, 17 Jun 2023 00:52:09 +0000

Tesla Model X - 2023As Q2 draws to a close, Tesla is upping the discounts and incentives on select cars, particularly in-stock inventory models available in local Tesla stores. Zach already pointed out the 3 months of free Supercharging on Model 3 purchases, and I wrote about discounts of $2,410 to $3,190 on inventory Model 3 cars. But, today, […]

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Tesla Life In Australia’s “Good Old Days” vs. Today

Credit to Author: David Waterworth| Date: Mon, 29 May 2023 15:50:19 +0000

Aline repeated this phrase “the good old days” many times as we enjoyed a coffee together in Brisbane, Queensland. I was intrigued by what she meant by “the good old days” and had to know more. Aline bought her Tesla Model X in 2017, and back then, she says, they felt like movie stars. It […]

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What Are The Fastest Electric Cars On The Market?

Credit to Author: Guest Contributor| Date: Fri, 28 Apr 2023 01:46:35 +0000

Electric vehicles have already started to post some pretty impressive speeds, even as the new technology has just begun to pique the public’s interest. Some of the fastest EVs on the market today come from Tesla, Lucid Motors, and traditional automakers like Audi and Mercedes, offering consumers a wider selection of quick, clean-energy vehicles than […]

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Tesla Just Passed 4 Million Cumulative Sales (Charts)

Credit to Author: Zachary Shahan| Date: Sat, 22 Apr 2023 06:44:49 +0000

Below are 9 charts showing Tesla’s rapid quarterly sales charts and graphs as well as its cumulative sales growth from quarter to quarter. Tesla’s sales growth continues to be phenomenal.

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Germany — Tesla Model Y Leads In Hangover Plugin Market

Credit to Author: Dr. Maximilian Holland| Date: Tue, 11 Apr 2023 13:44:48 +0000

Germany’s plugin electric vehicles took 21.6% of the auto market in March, down from 25.6% year on year. BEV grew share slightly, but PHEVs lost half their share YoY, due to recent policy changes. Overall auto volume was 281,361 units, up over 16% YoY, but still well down from pre-2020 seasonal norms. March’s combined plugin […]

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Elon Musk’s Second Cousin, Hilton Musk, Takes Tesla Model X On 1,400 KM Drive From Cape Town To Johannesburg

Credit to Author: Remeredzai Joseph Kuhudzai| Date: Tue, 14 Mar 2023 03:57:06 +0000

Tesla’s vehicles are not yet available for people to buy in South Africa. However, Rubicon, the largest supplier of solar systems and components to the commercial & industrial and residential sectors in South Africa, had the honour of bringing in the first ever Tesla vehicle to South Africa. Rubicon’s Model X is the Performance version. […]

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Germany’s BEVs Up, PHEVs Down — Tesla Model Y 3× Rivals

Credit to Author: Dr. Maximilian Holland| Date: Wed, 08 Mar 2023 04:36:59 +0000

Germany, Europe’s single largest auto market, saw plugin electric vehicles take 21.5% share of sales in February 2023, a drop from 24.9% year on year. Full electric share grew, but plugin hybrid share almost halved. Overall auto volume was 206,210 units, up by some 3% YoY, but still some 18% down from pre-2020 seasonal norms. […]

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US Electric Car Sales Increased 65% In 2022

Credit to Author: Zachary Shahan| Date: Sat, 25 Feb 2023 20:03:21 +0000

Update: According to our calculations, approximately 5.7% of US car sales were fully electric car sales in 2022. That’s up from 3.2% in 2021, 1.7% in 2020, and 1.4% in 2019. Tesla continues to dominate the US electric car sales market, which can make it seem as though not much is changing here. However, the […]

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Kim Java on the Tesla Community, 1st EV Purchases, & More

Credit to Author: Guest Contributor| Date: Sun, 19 Feb 2023 16:52:37 +0000

The Tesla community has grown immensely in the past decade, but some key voices in the community have been around nearly since the beginning. One such person is Tesla YouTube channel host Kim Java, with whom EVANNEX recently spoke on the phone about her thoughts on how the auto industry has changed, what people can […]

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